The Tribe One PackTach™ is a unique accessory that allows the user to create a point of attachment on any type fabric without causing damage.


Attaching gear to the exterior of your pack normally includes the use of pack-cord, bungee, or straps that never seem to do the job. The LP Series PackNet™ is the perfect solution for attaching the gear you need to your pack where you need it.


The OP Series MiniNet™ is an ideal addition to any style pack or bag when just a little bit more room is needed.


The Tribe One RackNet™ is an innovative tie down system that adjusts to the gear on your rack using the sliding hub feature. This feature allows you to change your points of pressure, as well as tighten your gear from the top down.


Never be left with a tangled mess of rope again. The Tribe One Rhino Ties™ are a heavy-duty set of twist ties. A perfect replacement for traditional rope and cordage.

Jungle Cord

The Tribe One Jungle Cord™ is a new twist on and old idea. Made from braided 3/16” shock cord, the Jungle Cord™ has the ability to hook to itself in any location.

Gear Grabber

The Gear Grabber™ Set is great solution creating a point of attachment different types of materials. Featuring the Tribe One PackTach™, the user can connect the carabiner to any material without causing damage.

Desert Cord

The Tribe One Desert Cord™ is the perfect hybrid of bungee and cordage. Made from braided 1/8” shock cord the Desert Cord™ can stretch up to 9 feet and can hook back into itself at any location.